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ISSA registered stallion owner.

ISSA is in the process of putting all ISSA registered studbook stallions on the website www.issaweb.com.au
ISSA is giving all financial stallion owners the opportunity to link these stallions to there stud websites via a link on the ISSA web page and this will display the owners/stud details.

We do need your help with this.
Some of the stud websites are known to us, but to make sure that the details are correct send your web address to the registrar to re-confirm and we will take it from there and link your stud to the ISSA stallion studbook page.
In return we ask of you to link the ISSA studbook web address to your website and both your stud and stallions receive just that little more exposure and equally so for ISSA.

Have a look they are ready to be completed with your details.

This is a service to all financial members of ISSA Inc.
ISSA is also offering 2 free advertisements per year on the website For Sale page for all our members.

This is ISSA at your service.

Scale of fees

Joining fee N/A $ 0.00
Annual M/S.fee Individual $70.00
Family $90.00
Associate: $100.00
Horse registration $40.00 includes certificate issue

NB: For 10 or more registrations to the one member in any financial
year the registration fee reduces to $25.00 per horse.

Assessment fee $35.00 geldings/mares   $50.00 Colts/ Stallions

NB: Assessments carried out at special events, with consequent higher
costs, may incur an additional fee.

Assessments also arranged privately and interstate by arrangement and may also incur an additional fee.

Registration transfer $15.00
Certificate replacement $15.00
Service certificate books $35.00  ( plus $ 5-00 postage )


Registration Information

Are you thinking of registering a horse or foal with ISSA.Inc.?
Some Guidelines from The Registrar

As your Registrar, I would like to make some recommendations to help eliminate any hold ups and phone costs to you and ISSA Inc.
To register a foal send in the application form completely and correctly filled out, make sure the foal is identifiable - this means brands or microchip, and includes a copy of the service certificate sighted by :
An official of ISSA Inc. or vet. If a Service Certificate is not available, a Statutory Declaration will be required.
To register a horse, the requirements as stated above apply or if the has been registered with an other
Breed society, then a copy of the registration papers will be acceptable.
If all of this is done correctly than things will go very smoothly, and you can expect prompt service from ISSA Inc.
I wish you all good luck with the birth of your new foals, and look forward to many  ISSA registrations.
The Registrar .... Lyn Spiers

Registration Application

Membership Application

Colt/Stallion Assesment

Studbook Rules

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